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Signed "John M Conway" Winchester, Virginia ca 1815

Unsigned Isaac Berlin Adams County, Pennsylvania ca 1785

Unsigned Associated with Thomas Simpson, Middle Tennessee, "The Cumberland" Ca 1820

Signed “Jno Wilson” John Wilson, Craig’s Creek, Botetourt County, VA/Middle Tennessee "The Cumberland" ca 1815 (Consignment)

Signed "S Lauck" Simon Lauck, Winchester, VA Ca. 1790




Sold Items

Signed "J * H " John Honaker, Pulaski County, Virginia Ca 1825

Signed “J Shaffer” Wytheville, Wythe County, VA ca 1830

Unsigned Silver Mounted Rifle, Central Tennessee/Kentucky ca 1825

Signed "C Gumpf " Christopher Gumpf, Lancaster. PA Ca 1815

Signed "J Workman" Hamburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania ca 1825

Signed "H Sheets", Staunton, Virginia, ca 1825

Signed "S Bryant" Silas Bryant, Covington, Kent County, Kentucky ca 1830

Unsigned Jacob Lauck Winchester, Virginia ca 1830

Signed, “JS”, Jacob Stoudenour, Colerain Township, Bedford County, PA Ca 1820

Signed "G Weiker gun Smith" George Weiker, Richland Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania ca 1790

Unsigned Jacob Lauck, Winchester, VA ca 1830

Unsigned Iron Mounted Sheets rifle, Virginia, Third Quarter of the 18th Century

Unsigned Brass Barreled Rifle, Central to Southern Shenandoah Valley, ca 1820

Unsigned Peter Anstat, Rockland Township, Berks County, PA ca 1800

John Noll, Washington Township, Franklin County, PA Ca. 1810

Ex Coll. Joe Kindig

Unsigned Central Tennessee Flintlock Rifle, ca 1825

Signed "A Daniel" Adam Daniel, Crawford County, Pennsylvania ca 1835

Signed “Zollinger” George Zollinger, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, PA, ca 1815

Signed “ Hennery Noll” Henry Noll, Franklin County, Pennsylvania Ca 1815

Unsigned George Sites, Brock’s Gap, Rockingham County, Virginia, ca. 1795

Silver Mounted Brass Barreled Flintlock Pistol, South Carolina, Georgia, or Alabama, Ca 1830

Signed "J Sheets" John Sheets, Staunton, VA Ca. 1815

4 Kentucky Rifles at Affordable Prices

Signed “J Crummey” Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, VA Ca. 1815

Unsigned Early Flintlock Rifle, Possibly South Carolina, Ca 1790

4 Nice Kentucky Rifles at Affordable Prices

Unsigned Frederick Sheetz, Frankford Town, Hampshire County, Virginia (now Fort Ashby, Mineral County, WV) Ca 1810

Signed in script "J H" Possibly John Hoffman, Dauphin County, PA Ca 1825

Nicholas Beyer, signed “N Beyer” Lebanon township, Lancaster County, PA Ca 1795

Signed “C Beck” Christian Beck, Jonestown, Lebanon County Ca 1810

Unsigned Jonathan Brelsford, Zanesville, OH Ca 1820

Signed “J Graff” John Graff, Lancaster, PA. Ca. 1785

Unsigned Daisy Finial Patchbox Flintlock Rifle Ca. 1780

Kentucky Rifle signed “John Gonter” Lancaster County, PA Ca 1815

Unsigned Henry Noll Rifle in “As Found” Condition Ca 1825

Signed Jacob Roop Dauphin or Centre County PA Ca 1820

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