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The rifles on this page are affordably priced for beginning collectors, decorators, material culture historians, or interested individuals seeking a representative example. The rifles may be plain, decorative but poorly or highly restored, or in need of restoration. They will be original Kentucky rifles (not reproductions) with some investment potential.

For beginning collectors, these rifles represent an entry level item at a modest investment. For many the first step in generating interest is owning and handling an object rather than viewing images. These rifles are perfect for those individuals. Email me for additional photos of each rifle. Feel free to make serious offers!

Signed "J Sees" Jacob Sees, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County, PA ca 1800

Jacob Sees worked in Elizabeth Township, Lancaster Conty until his death in 1812. Most of his rifles are plain and those that are decorative follow the traditional design charcteristics of the Lancaster School. However, this rifle, though exhibiting classic Lancaster architecture, deviates from the usual by his use of silver and brass wire inlay. And the design created by the wire deviates from the usual "C" scroll composition of the area. Jacob used both silver and brass wire in a effort to highlight his skill. The less curvilinear lines of the decoration used slightly thicker silver wire, whereas the scroll terminations were of thinner brass wire.

The rifle is wonderfully light and slender incorporating an octagon to round smoothbore barrel 45 inches long; it's original length. John Hagy, an extremely talented gunsmith working about 15 miles from Sees, used the same patch box design as well as sideplate, and architecture during the same time period. Condition is excellent with only minor amounts of wire replaced and an old wood replacement at the toe. The Ketland lock appears to be original to the rifle and in original flintlock condition. An opportunity to own a singluar example of a Lancaster County smooth rifle. Pictured in Kauffman's book of the 1960"s

Available at $8,950.00

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