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The rifles on this page are affordably priced for beginning collectors, decorators, material culture historians, or interested individuals seeking a representative example. The rifles may be plain, decorative but poorly or highly restored, or in need of restoration. They will be original Kentucky rifles (not reproductions) with some investment potential.

For beginning collectors, these rifles represent an entry level item at a modest investment. For many the first step in generating interest is owning and handling an object rather than viewing images. These rifles are perfect for those individuals. Email me for additional photos of each rifle. Feel free to make serious offers!

Bird Patchbox, Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania ca 1840

This ineresting rifle has an unusual bird motif as the patchbox finial. It is nicely done and quite unique. The rifle could have been made in other locations in Pennsylvania; Dauphin County is another possiblility. The condition is very good with no wood or metal replacements and appears to have no restoration. There is a crack along the fore stock but no wood loss; it could be glued up better than it is presently. The barrel is 39 inches long and about .40 cal.

There are enough unusual characteristics such as a round finial to the barrel tang, an unusual thumb plate, and an unusual rear ramrod pipe that the maker could be identified. The price is very reasonable for such an unusual rifle.

Available at $2,450.00

Unsigned Kentucky Rifle, Pennsylvania, ca 1830

This ineresting rifle has an unusual cast brass patchbox that resembles those from eastern Pennsylvania. The rifle is well made and has interesting incised carving behind the cheek piece and excellent fore stock molding the style ofwhich I have not seen before. There are no replacements or restoration, there is a small triangular piece of wood missing at the toe. The patchbox lid release is in the toe plate and appears as a screw head; this may be a replacement for the unusal button. The barrel is 37 inches long and about .50 cal.

Checkering is a desireable feature on rifles of this period and this example has some of the nicest I've seen. The surface is untouched and the curly maple is above average making a nice looking rifle. It could be converted back to flintlock as it was when made. The price is very reasonable for a rifle with nice details and originality.

Available at $2,250.00

Possibly David Hoff, Emmitsburg, Maryland, ca 1835

Attributed by Dan Hartzler to David Hoff this rifle is a high quality rifle from Emmitsburg. He was obviously associated with John Armstrong; possibly an apprentice. His patchbox design, engraving style, forestock molding, and butt stock architecture all are similar to Armstrong's; not quite the quality but very nicely done. The condition of the stock is very good; only a small sliver of wood missing along the forestock and an unusual crack on the cheek piece. . The crack is stable and could be fixed by a high level restorer. All mounts are original and in great condition as is the original finish on the stock. The silver half moon inlay on the cheekpiece is especially nice engraved with the "Man in the moon" face.

Relief carving with cross-hatching under the cheekpiece show this gunsmith to be very well-trained and accomplished especially for this later period. It's possible David Hoff worked as a journeyman or employee gunsmith for years before establishing his own business. His work points to an earlier period. He moved to Thurmont, Maryland in his later years. The 41 inch rifled barrel is about .40 cal. and is a period replacement.

Available at $3950.00

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