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Leonard Reedy, Gratz, Dauphin County, PA Signed “I ROOP” ca 1815

Much is known about Leonard Reedy thanks to the decades of research by Henry Bishop. Leonard apprenticed to and worked with John Bonewitz in Womelsdorf, and Pine Grove until moving to Gratz in about 1815.

Though Reedy is responsible for the artistic success of the rifle the mounts and barrel appear to be those of Jacob Roop who worked as a gunsmith in Halifax, Dauphin County not far from Reedy; possibly a joint venture between the two.

Remaining in good condition it has crack in the forestock at the first drawloop, a weak spot on any Kentucky. The crack is stabilized by a spline inlaid inside the forestock, not visible on the outside. Small pieces of matching wood cover the crack. The .54 cal. barrel is 40.5 inches long; this rifle has never been shortened. It has an unaltered flintlock signed "W Ketland" that is original to the rifle.

The surface was cleaned at some time in the past and now has a pleasing surface. Most Golden Age relief carved rifles with little or no restoration command high prices; Leonard Reedy rifles bring a premium. This rifle offers the collector the opportunity to own a nice rifle featuring Leonard Reedy's artistic details in wonderful condition at a reasonable price. email me for more pictures.

Available at $8,950

thanks to Henry Bishop for informatin on Leonard Reedy

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