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Signed "D Cooley" David Cooley, Tyrone Township, Adams County, Pensylvania ca 1815

David Cooley worked near Heidlersburg in Adams County from 1814. His rifles reflect Abraham Schweitzer's Franklin County work. It has been suggested that Cooley learned his trade from Schweitzer. This example has a slender long 49.5 inch octagon to round barrel about .50 cal. There is no wood replaced along the forestock which is amazing considering the thinness of the wood. The only wood replacement is where the toe and butt plate meet which is a common place of loss.

David's relief carving is well executed and designed in the American Rococo style. His engraving is masterful. He typically used this "Q" finial patchbox with a leaf flourish. The surface is pleasing and curly maple is has a striking flame grain. A similar example is in the Metropolitan Museum collection

The price reflects the rarity, condition, quality, and desirablility of this rifle.

Ex Coll: Bill Nitterhouse (photo credit Van Pitman)

Available at $10,500.00(consignment)

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