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I hope to offer the public an opportunity to own an Antique Kentucky Rifle, an important and uniquely American decorative object. For years few antique Kentucky rifles have been offered to the general public, via auctions, gun shops, antique shops, gun shows, or on the web. Many websites and publications describe the history, development, artistic merit, and technology of the rifle; this site is for those who have done some research and have decided to collect. The description of rifles or related objects for sale here will be accurate, and will help you to decide if it is the right piece for you.

Antique Kentucky rifles are my primary interest. I have collected since age 16, been a member of the Kentucky Rifle Asssociation since 1983 and past president, and have organized and held an annual Kentucky rifle show since 1984. I have owned and studied hundreds of rifles, and have the experience necessary to assist you in collecting.

~Tim Hodges~

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