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4 Kentucky Rifles at Affordable Prices

SOLD Unsigned Jacob Sell, Littlestown, Adams County, PA Ca 1790 SOLD

A good example of Jacob’s with little restoration. All mountings and lock (cexpertly converted) are original with minor wood replacement in front of lock. Repaired crack at wrist, sliver missing on fore end, fore end cap original but missing end piece, octagon to round smoothbore barrel original length (48 & 3/4). Stock has been cleaned but not sanded in the past. SOLD

SOLD...Signed “J Dickert” Jacob Dickert, Lancaster, PA Ca 1800...SOLD

An excellent example signed by Jacob Dickert. Architecturally superb with a thin wrist graduating to a tall butt stock. Beautifully designed incise carving of the Shenandoah Valley style. Bought from the family just west of Abbington, VA about 4 years ago. Professionally restored. Jacob Dickert's work is very much sought after and the price reflects the condition. SOLD 1/13...Stolen 12/2013 Dallas, TX recovered 2015

SOLD Unsigned John Crummey, Harrisonburg, VA Ca 1810 SOLD

This rifle is a slender and architecturally pleasing example, incorporating a tall butt plate, high comb, thin wrist, and long barrel (44.25 inches). All original with no replacements (reconverted original lock). The curly maple is of excellent quality with consistent curl from toe to muzzle. The entire surface has a wonderful chestnut color and has never been cleaned. No wood is missing or replaced anywhere on the rifle...a true rarity. SOLD 3/2013

SOLD...Unsigned Jacob Sheetz, Hampshire County, Virginina (Now West Virginina) Ca 1840...SOLD


This extremely fine rifle shows Jacob Sheetz' artistic ability and excellent craftsmanship. Though made late in his career he still held to high standards in patchbox design, engraving, wood-to-metal fit, and finish. Several engraved coin silver inlays decorate the stock as well as the rare use of silver wire. The condition is superb though the silver thumb plate is miss?ing. SOLD 1/2013

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