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The rifles on this page are owned by others who wish to sell through this website. They will be reasonably priced and accurately described. All sales are final with no trade-ins, refunds, or exchanges. Additional pictures and more detailed descriptions are available. These rifles range in price depending on condition and desireablilty as do all rifles on this website. Consignments offer collectors more opportunities at lower prices.

Feel free to make serious offers!

Signed, James Marker, Sharpsburg, MD ca 1840

James Marker was the son of Daniel Marker sr. his uncles George, Paul M., and Peter were gunsmiths as well. This is a typical product of the Markers with a nicely engraved patchbox. The wood is plain and surface is a bit rough as finished by James. The rifled barrel is 42" and about .40 cal. There are no replacements or repairs.

Available at $2,700.00

Unsigned, Possibly Coon Family, Ithica, New York, ca 1830

Attribution to HM Coon or L Coon is a stretch. A similar rifle signed L Coon is pictured in the Wes White papers. Two similar rifles currently in the Kindig collection are signed HMC & Co. All 3 rifles mentioned as well as this unsigned example appear to be from Dauphin County. However, Coon gunsmiths are New York gunsmiths in the mid-19th century; possibly the next generation.

This is a nice Kentucky rifle in nice condition needing a little attention. The rifled barrel is 42.5" about .45 cal. The Lock marked "Sharpe" appears to be unaltered but the surface shows little wear. The rifle may have been converted to percussion but now the hole where the drum & nipple would have been is plugged (not welded) and tocuh hole drilled. The lock mortise is untouched. The cheekpiece star needs to be re-attached and a couple inlays replaced, and a couple repaired. The curly maple is beautiful and the surfaces are original.

Available at $4,750.00

Unsigned New England, ca 1835

This New England rifle is very decorative. It is fashioned after the English sporting rifles of the period. The side opening patchbox is a wonderful piece of brass work with an intricate lid release. Checkering is quite well done and interesting. The rifled barrel is 39.25" about .50 cal and held to the stock with 2 keys and a hooked breech. The fore end has a wooden under rib that is fluted to resemble forestock molding. It is missing a piece of wood in front of the lock, a silver inlay in the diamond on the cheek side, and the trigger guard is a bit loose. The stock is cherry and all the original finish is intact.

Available at $4,950.00

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