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The rifles on this page are owned by others who wish to sell through this website. They will be reasonably priced and accurately described. All sales are final with no trade-ins, refunds, or exchanges. Additional pictures and more detailed descriptions are available. These rifles range in price depending on condition and desireablilty as do all rifles on this website. Consignments offer collectors more opportunities at lower prices.

Feel free to make serious offers!

Unsigned Lexington, Kentucky ca 1825

A long slender flintlock Kentucky rifle of modest decoration in excellent condition. Made by a yet unknown gunsmith working in or around Lexington, Kentucky. Identifiable by its straight comb, double line fore stock molding ending with an S scroll at each end, long 2-screw barrel tang, simple double line lower butt mold terminating in an S scroll under lock, and typical Lexington style trigger guard. The lock is original to the rifle.

Built without a patchbox for economic reasons the rifle focuses on architecture and durability. The 46 inch .40 cal rifled barrel is the original length and has a noticable flare to the muzzle. The stock is a good grade of curly maple and retains its original surfaces. A crack in front of the lock is stable and none of the wood is replaced. It is an old glue job that could be redone and greatly improved. All brass mounts are original. It appears the grease hole was added by an owner.

Available at $3,950.00 price reduced to $3,450.00 (11/2021)

Unsigned Flintlock Rifle, Scott County, Kentucky ca 1820

A long slender flintlock Kentucky rifle of modest decoration in excellent condition. Made by a yet unknown gunsmith working in Scott County, Kentucky. Identifiable by its faceted comb, diamond shape lock bolt plate, long 2-screw barrel tang, simple lower butt mold, and deeply sculpted cheek piece. The flintlock is in unaltered condition.

This rifle was acquired from a Kentucky family by Shelby Gallien pictured and described in his book "Kentucky Gunmakers". He attributes it to Scott County, Kentucky, north of Lexington. The .42 cal rifled barrel is 46.5 inchges long, it's original length. The stock retains its original surfaces. All brass mounts are original. Attributes are pleasing architecture, desirable condition, and unembellished simplicity.

Available at $9,950.00 reduced to $8,950.00 (11/2021)

Photo Credit Mark Elliot

Signed "J Workman" Hamburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania ca 1825

J Workman is a rare maker whose workmanship is excellent. His style is reminiscent of areas closer to the Susquehanna river especially the use of the fish inlay.

Remaining in excellent condition it has a minor wood repair beside the trigger guard and in front of the lock. The curly maple is excellent and the surface is original. The lock has been expertly reconverted to flintlock. The rifled .45 cal. barrel is 41 inches long which is the orignal length.

Available at $9950.00

Photo credit Mark Elliott

Signed "G B" Uknown, Botetourt or Rockbridge County, VA ca 1810

There are 3 rifles signed similarly with stamped initials " G B" all from the tri-state region of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. To date no one has definitively attributed these rifles, however, the name George Bean has been put forth by the owner of one of these 3. George Bean died in Franklin Co, TN in 1818. This rifle relates to others from Botetourt/Rockbridge County area, ie. John Wilson, J Crider, John Davidson, and the early "J C" rifle. Common details of the GB rifle as it relates to these other makers are a faceted comb, a silver inlay above the patchbox finial, draw loops the head ofwhich appears as a forestock escucheon, the patchbox plates extend beyond the edge of the butt plate, and a triangular butt stock architecture. This is a fine, well-made rifle of the South.

The rifle has been converted to percussion using the original lock and having a patent breech added to the barrel rather than the usual drum and nipple. This is the only change made to this well-used but well cared-for rifle. The rifled barrel is 43.5 inches and about .40 cal. The patchbox lid release is a button located on the upper plate of the patchbox like rifles of a similar period in North Carolina. The condition and rarity of this example will insure its value.

Available at $19,950.00

Thanks to Wallace Gusler for research on the GB rifle group

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