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Signed "J Crider" Jacob Crider, Rowan County, North Carolina, ca 1795

Here is a true rarity in that there are only 3 known signed Jacob Crider rifles. All are very similar and are equally decorative. Jacob Crider was born in 1758 in Rowan County, North Carolina and married Catherine Haynes in Botetourt County, VA in 1786. She was born in Botetourt 1765. Sometime between 1786 and 1795 the family moved to Rowan County, NC. In his book on North Carolina rifles Bill Ivey illusrtates a signed "J C FECIT 1809" rifle by Jacob Crider.

The example offered here is signed "J Crider". It is likely that Crider made both rifles in Rowan but trained in Botetourt County, Virginia. He would have started his apprenticeship in the mid seventies and became a master gunsmith during the Revolution. This example has Botetourt/Rockbridge County, Virginia characteristics such as the faceted comb, patchbox upper and lower plates extend past the stock overlapping the butt plate, and a straight high comb. Similarites with Rowan County, NC rifles are the patchbox lid release button located on the upper plate of the patchbox, elongated cheekpiece, and elongated barrel tang sometimes with 2 screws. The sideplate on this example is unusual but similar to an early rifle attributed by Ivey (#154 in his book) to Rowan County.

Of interest are the similarities with the "G B" rifle also for sale on this website. Both have facted comb, similar architecture, patchbox upper and lower plates extending onto the butt plate, identical patchbox upper and lower plates, lid release button on the upper plate of patchbox, a prominant silver inlay just ahead of the patchbox finial, heart shaped thumb plate, and elongated cheekpiece. Too many similarities; a relationship is evident but still unknown. The rifled barrel is restored to 46.5 inches, about .45 cal. Original silver inlays on the barrel may have some purpose for enhancing aim. Unusual carved details on the bottom of the lock mortise and in front of patchbox finial are unique as well as beaver tails of lock mortise. Initial "J C" are engraved on the heart-shaped thumb plate and the cheekpiece inlay.

SOLD 4/23

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