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Unsigned Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Possibly Covington, Virginia CA 1795

Though unsigned this wonderful rifle can be placed in the region of Rockbridge, Botetourt, Alleghany counties of Virginia and possibly Greenbriar County, (now) West Virginia. A rifle with similar architecture and checkering is attributed to Covington, VA. Wherever it was made it is a beautiful slender light-weight rifle of the highest quality. Of interest is the oval brass trigger plate, dotted checkering, coved forestock molding, and the patchbox lid stops at the edge of the butt plate. The patchbox is a simple pattern reminiscent of the John Davidson rifle and Hampshire militia rifles. The diamond cheek piece inlay is also a Davidson chaacteristic.

The original length rifled barrel is 45.5 inchs long and about .50 cal. The lock is of the mid 1790's period signed Ketland & co and is orginal to the rifle. Simple incised carving in the American Rococo style is behind the cheek piece. The curly maple is of high quality with beautiful consistant curl from buttplate to fore end cap. There is no wood restoration or replcements on the rifle; amazingly the thin forestock is completely intact with original draw loops. The old, if not original ramrod with bone tip is intact.

Only rarely does a rifle of this quality, condition, and rarity become available having been in an important Georgia collection for over 30 years. At some point in the future a signed rifle by this maker will surface and more information will become available.

The price reflects the rarity, condition, quality, and desirablility of this rifle.

SOLD 6/21

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